As a junior in college, I declared a Minor in Writing with the hope of sharpening my communication skills and maybe, just maybe, finding the opportunity to be published one day. What I discovered through my first writing minor class is that writing is full of complicated contradictions and I must carefully learn how to balance my work. The prose must be calculated and well thought out, yet it must read effortlessly leaving the reader in delicate thought. The language ought to be both deliberate and eloquent, but it should not make use of too many unnecessarily ornate words. And, in order to keep the reader interested, the plot must move quickly with intention, retaining only those minute details which contribute to the story line. 


​I've realized that poignant communication is critical in all aspects of life. Through this particular writing class, I finally learned that voice and intentional choices are present in every form of communication, whether one is writing a song or a company's annual report. I will take this lesson and apply it in all future endeavors to continually improve both my writing and outlook. I now know that I will never finish learning how to write. 


A writer is never finished.

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